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GIL Shopping News 7-25

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A Thank You to Hazel Green for a Fun Weekend

What a heartwarming celebration in Hazel Green this third of July!   What a beautiful day, and a wonderful crowd, for the Golden Knights, as they dropped from the sky onto Southwestern’s football field.  The landing of the giant helicopters was the show stopper.
It reminded me of years past, when Hazel Green held a four day celebration, for the Fourth of July.   At that time there was an air show put on by the Blue Angles; of which two of the pilots were Hazel Green born and raised, the Swift Brother’s.  Today brought back all those wonderful memories.
We truly thank the Golden Knights and Army for the thrilling show.  A tremendous thank you, to all the volunteers,  who worked so hard to make this happen.  To the people who brought in the Golden Knights. Thanks to Larry the Flag Man, and the Freedom Riders, who graced our Village with all the American Flags.  To all the many volunteers who put up and took down all the flags, directed traffic and helped to make everything work smoothly.  This all made for a wonderful experience, brought back loving memories and hopefully the start of something to energize our community.
Hats off to all for giving us some great new memories.   It is greatly appreciated!
Jack and Carolyn C.
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"I placed a classified ad in hopes that I would find a very specific object. I was pleasantly surprised at the large response I had after only one week! I am happy to say I found EXACTLY what I was looking for in less than one week. Classifieds are not just to sell items! I will absolutely recommend your paper to all my friends!"
— A.P. - Platteville, WI